Legal and Ethical issues in Health Care Assessment Information

Topic: Legal and Ethical issues in Health CareAssessment InformationYou are required to do both short essays. Each is worth 30 marksLength: a maximum of 1000-1200 words for each scenario.Your assignment 2 abstract is to be no more than 150 words.Scenario 1Consider in light of legal requirements and nursing professional requirements, the issue below.Phillipa is 28 years old. She is married to Rob and they have 1 child Jason, who is five years old and who attends the local school. Phillipa has 10 year history of bipolar affective disorder. Her history shows that during depressive stages she frequently becomes suicidal and has in fact made several attempts to take her life over the last 9 years. Rob is familiar with her symptoms, he monitors her medication regime and tries to organize his work to ensure both Phillipa and Jason are supported and safe.Today Rob called the community Mental Health intake nurse telling them Phillipa has been hiding her medications after spitting them out, she has been up all night threatening Jason?s teachers as she claims they are making unreasonable demands. Phillipa is agitated and hostile towards Rob and Jason. Further, he reported Phillipa refuses to attend the doctor or mental health staff. The nurse recommends he call an ambulance and the nurse takes responsibility to inform the acute mental health admissions staff. When the ambulance arrives Phillipa is even more agitated and refuses to go voluntarily.What procedures can be initiated that adhere to Qld Mental Health Act in relation to her refusal and need for assessment?Discuss (check for the help you need) Phillipa?s rights should her assessment lead to admission.Scenario 2 Length 1000-1200 wordsApply the elements of negligence to this situation: to support your Discuss (check for the help you need)ion refer to the ANMC competencies.In reference to the issue of patient documentation what professional and/or legal standards were breached?You are not expected to argue a legal case, you are required only to apply legal standards in negligence against the facts given.In April of 2005 RN White was employed by the Christian Nursing Home Group and was based at the ?Victory Unit?of the Residences as a Registered Nurse and nurse in-charge of the Unit.1. On 1st May she witnessed Hilda, a care provider drag Mr Brown by his ankles along a cement path into the Unit.2. She failed to record or report the incident.3. Ms White in her role as RN soon assessed the client Mr Brown and applied clean dry dressings to abrasions on both elbows, helped the client change out of torn clothes and saw bruising on ankles, buttocks and scalp.4. Ms White also failed to record any injuries sustained by Mr Brown as a result of being dragged along the path.5. Mr Brown?s daughter saw the injuries, heard about what had happened from another client and intends to see a lawyer