TTX Research Paper

Hello, “ONLY Writer No. 422676 bid for this. Others will not be accepted”. Hello dear writer, As per our discussion in the other order you’ve done for the TTX scenario, the professor agrees about taking responsibility of doing the three areas I’ve sent you there FOR THE SCENARIO you have it already in order No. 81676191 and the other roles were distributed among the rest of my group (my group has 5 friends). I will attach to this order important documents because even if you need them partially now, you will need them for sure after another assignment is assigned to me as we go one step forward with my group to complete this task. These documents are IS 139 (which is a main reference for this class) and the 4 pdf files for Liberty County, because the message from the staff after the part of the groups they created in their email, they mention this: “Use only those resources found in the Liberty County documents. (In other words, use only those resources actually available to you). So, the total will be 5 attachments as follows: 1st attachment is the main reference of our class (IS 139), which contains information about all kinds of exercises and how to develop them (as in Unit 4). 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th attachments are for Liberty County, please dear writer review them and they must be used. 6th attachment, WHICH IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, is the email from our group leader and how her thoughts about this exercise, but I told her by email that I’ve made my choices already and the professor has approved them. Take look at it please to get the big picture. NOTE1: I will make this order as a 1-page order because I don’t know how many page we need, and also only one references because I don’t know how to deal with the issue of references in our particular case here with this order, however, please do the required number of pages to have great work and we will discuss any issues once I know this information. NOTE2: I know dear writer that you have a very wide knowledge in this field, but please do use IS 139 to work based on its system and also use Liberty county documents whenever this possible. Best regards!

this is a 500 word essay on describe and critique cultural competency Research Paper

500 word essay on Describe and critique cultural competency. please use references from some of these references Bhui, K., Stansfield, S., Hull, S., Mole, F., & Feder, G. (2003) Ethnic variations in pathways to specialist mental health services in the UK: a systematic review. British Journal of Psychiatry, 182, 105-116 Campinha-Bacote, J. (2011). Delivering Patient-Centered Care in the Midst of A Cultural Conflict: The Role of Cultural Competence. The Online Journal of Issue in Nursing, 16(2), Manuscript 5. Carone, D. A., Barone, D. F. (2001). A social cognitive perspective on religious beliefs: Their functions & impact on coping & psychotherapy. Clinical Psychology Review, 21, 989-1003 Coleman, HLK. (1999) Strategies for coping with cultural diversity. The Counselling Psychologist, 23, 722-740 Hays, P. A. & Iwamasa, G. Y. (2006) Culturally Responsive Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: Assessment, Practice, & Supervision. American Psychological Association, Washington, DC Lopez, S. (1997). Cultural competence in psychotherapy: a guide for clinicians & their supervisors. In C. E. Watkins (Ed) Handbook of psychotherapy supervision. New York. John Wiley & Sons. Nardirshaw, Z. (2009) A Race Against Time: Issues of Diversity, “Race” and Culture in Psychology. Presentation at Annual PSI Conference November 2009. NIME (2003). Cases for Change; Anti-discriminatory Practice. In NIME Cases for Change: A review of the foundations of mental health policy & practice 1997-2002. London. Department of Health. NIME (2003) Inside Outside.. Improving mental health services for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in England. Leeds: NIMHE Patel, N., Bennett, E., Dennis, M., Dosanjh, N., Mahtani, A., Miler, A., & Nadirshaw, Z. (2000). Clinical Psychology, race’ & Culture: a training manual. Leicester: BPS Books. Palmer, S. (2002). Multicultural counselling: A reader. London. Sage. Thompson, N. (2001). Anti-discriminatory practice. London. Palgrave

“Lessons learned from the Three Week Project Turnaround: What went right, what went wrong, and why” Research Paper

Case Assignment: (Use Heading for paragraphs) In a 4-page paper, answer the question: “Lessons learned from the Three Week Project Turnaround: What went right, what went wrong, and why” In answering your question you may want to consider: (Use Heading for paragraphs) – How much flexibility do project managers typically exercise in situations like this? – Have you ever been in a situation even remotely like that of the three-week project? – How much do you have to know about methodologies like those described here, in order to make them work for you and your team? – Is it really true that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you get results? Or is it possible that in fact no good deed goes unpunished? Be sure to include appropriate citations from the cases you choose, including B&W, as well as your general conclusions and advice to others; you should try to have at least five to seven specific guidelines, together with your justification for them. Sourses/Background Readings Charlie Poole’s Three Week Project Turnaround Retrieved on June 8, 2012, from and You can use the prior module references and the following materials to answer the case question: Cooper, A. Building your Project Team, Project Smart, Retrieved on June 8, 2012, from McCann, D. and R. Aldersea Managing Team Performance: Unrealistic vision or attainable reality? Team Management Systems Retrieved on June 8, 2012, from Ponce, R. Project Management: 8 Steps to On-Time, On-Budget Delivery , CIO Magazine, July 26, 2009 Retrieved on June 8, 2012, from As noted earlier, you should also use material from the Background Readings or related other materials you find yourself (be sure to reference properly whatever specific sources you draw on), please look beyond the generic websites such as Investopedia and Wikipedia. * Note: See attachment with complete assignment instructions.