Which are the advantages and disadvantages that children with Autism have in Special School?

Topic:Which are the advantages and disadvantages that children with Autism have in Special School?Order Instructions:so the assignment must be a single continuous document: proposal, letter and DCM sample all in one. The word limit is 1500 words. That includes every word in the document so don?t ask further details! Last year we had a number of A grade and B grade assignments that used only 1200 words, so keep the key elements in, and cut out any waffle. The only references you need are the three key texts. These should be journal articles that report on research relevant to your topic, with abstracts, methods and findings sections. The safest way of finding appropriate texts for this is to ask a librarian or to search using SWETSWISE. They should not be weird internet pages, government policies or books or chapters from books. If you are in doubt you ought to have checked with your tutor in tutorials or lessons by now. Again, it is not something you should be emailing about at this stage. The proposal should show you have a worthwhile idea, clearly expressed, and a plan for carrying it out. The main areas people gain or lose marks are in DCM, validity and ethics, so use most words there. You will gain marks for showing how you understand theory (eg Data Collection Methods) can be applied in practice (the actual use of semi-structured interviews in your specific project) Your example of questions for questionnaires or interviews, card sortitemsor observation schedules ought only to be around tenitemsand align with the key ideas in your proposal. Your letter to a gatekeeper must be succinct, polite and clear, and should provide for a response. Busy people like Head-teachers want key info on how much hassle they are letting themselves in for, not your CV. That means the best letters express what is relevant about the project to them, and give confidence of minimum disruption to the setting while supporting a worthwhile project.Miscellaneous:File(s):5ED002_Project_proposal_form_blank_trial.docx (Order Files)S_HOW_WE_SHOULD_BE_DO_THE_FORM_FOR_PROPOSAL.docx (Order Files)Research_Methods_yearlong_assignment_advice.docx (Order Files)INFORMATIONS_FOR_MY_PROPOSAL_-_NOTES.docx (Order Files)Module_Guide_for_Research_Methods_5ED002.docx (Order Files)Validity_2012_1.ppt (Order Files)Validity_2012_pt_2.ppt (Order Files)DCM_Intro_and_Interviewing.pptx (Order Files)Introduction.pptx (Order Files)Access_and_ethics.ppt (Order Files)Ethics_article.pdf (Order Files)my proposal is 1500 words : NO MORE is fail.In this assignment you will complete a research project proposal form and include two appendices: a draft letter seeking permission from a research domain ?gatekeeper?, and a specimen page of a data collection instrument. ALL TOGETHER IS 1500 WORDS.11 attachments?Download all attachments5ED002_Project_proposal_form_blank_trial.docx15KViewDownloadS_HOW_WE_SHOULD_BE_DO_THE_FORM_FOR_PROPOSAL.docx16KViewDownloadResearch_Methods_yearlong_assignment_advice.docx15KViewDownloadINFORMATIONS_FOR_MY_PROPOSAL_-_NOTES.docx16KViewDownloadModule_Guide_for_Research_Methods_5ED002.docx21KViewDownloadValidity_2012_1(1).ppt311KViewDownloadValidity_2012_pt_2.ppt280KViewDownloadDCM_Intro_and_Interviewing.pptx2198KViewDownloadIntroduction(1).pptx76KViewDownloadAccess_and_ethics.ppt278KViewDownloadEthics_article.pdf148KViewDownloadCategory: Education

Healthy People 2020

Healthy People 2020An important goal of Healthy People 2020 is to reduce health disparities in the US. Please formulate a Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion on this issue. Your paper should address:1. The definition of ?Health Disparities?;2. Differences in health indicators of various ethnic and racial groups in the US;3. Potential causes for these observed differences;4. List possible ways to improve the health of under-served populations.required readings:http://www.hhs.gov/ash/news/20111006a.htmlhttp://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/about/history.aspxhttp://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/Consortium/HP2020Framework.pdfhttp://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/default.aspxhttp://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/implementing/default.aspx

leadership theories

leadership theoriesSelect three leadership theories and explain how you will implement those theories in your leadership style.include specific examples and articulate how the theory influences the outcome.

Psychology1. Give an example o

Psychology1. Give an example of communication and an example of language. How do they differ?2. Did Alex the Parrot understand English? Why or why not? (Give specific examples.)3. Do Kanzi and Panbanisha understand English? Why or why not? (Give specific examples.)4.What do you think limits non-human species from learning language? Is it lack of exposure, differences in brain structure or something else? Why? Please give scientific (not religious) reasons to bolster your position.!

William Shakespeare

William ShakespeareSome (if not most) truly believe that William Shakespeare is not completely responsible for the 37 (or so) plans he is given credit for. Presuming he isn?t, choose 3 (three) plays wherein there?s sufficient evidence to disprove the theory that Shakespeare wrote all!

economics(a) Explain the three

economics(a) Explain the three reasons, according to the liquidity preference theory, why people demand money(b) Use the liquidity preference theory to discuss the possible consequences of an increase in supply of money!

VO2 Consumption During Interval Training

Topic: VO2 Consumption During Interval Training Order Messages (0) Revision Instructions (0)? Back to listOrder code: 71806138f ms AvailableTake orderTime remaining: 0 days 10 hours 16 minutesDeadline: September 04 02:16Order total: $7.92Compensation: $3.96 / PagePages: 2, Double spacedSources: 1Order type: Article CritiqueSubject: SportAcademic level: MasterStyle: APALanguage: English (U.S.)Place bid Hide orderOrder DescriptionAssignment DescriptionsAll assignments must be submitted in the following format:? All citations and references must use APA 5th edition or AMA style guidelines for referencing source materials.? Papers should be formatted with Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and be double-spaced with 1? margins all around.? It is expected that as graduate students, you will be able to submit written documents that are free of grammar, spelling, formatting, capitalization, and citation mistakes. Hence, any paper that has more than 3 errors per page will result in the grade of ?F.?? Students are encouraged to peer-edit each other?s writing and to use the services of the University?s Writing CenterStudent Learning Outcomes1. Compare and contrast different research designs typically used in health and human performance.2. Critique the strengths and weaknesses of published research, providing information on possible researcher biases and positive and negative investigative techniques/methodology (including validity, reliability, and data analysis).3. Critically examine methods and data analysis with specific regard to the conclusions drawn by the investigators.4. Analyze and use APA/AMA formatting.You will review three articles using ?track changes.? You will comment on everything within the article, including grammar, mechanics, APA/AMA formatting, and all sections of the article (abstract, intro, lit review, methods, data analysis, results, conclusions, Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion). Questions to be answered include but are not limited to the following:1. Introduction: The ProblemIs there a clear argument as to why the study in needed? Is the problem clearly stated? What is the purpose of the study? What is (are) the Hypothesis(es)? Are the key terms defined? Are the research questions viable?2. Review of LiteratureAre the cited sources pertinent to the study? Is the review too broad or too narrow? Are there argumentsorganized? Are they appropriate and pertinent to the hypothesis or questions proposed? Are the referencesrecent? Is there any evidence of bias?3. Methodology: Design and ProceduresWhat research methodology was used? Was it a replica study or an original study? What measurement tools wereused? Was a pilot study conducted? What type of study design is present? What are the variables; independent and dependent? How was sampling performed? (Strengths and weaknesses?)4. Data Analysis and presentationHow was data analyzed? Was data qualitative or quantitative? Was teh analysis appropriate for the study design? Did findings support the hypothesis(es) (research question(s)) and purpose? Were weaknesses and problemsDiscuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ed?5. Results and Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ionAre the results and conclusions of the study related to the original purpose? Were the implications Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ed?Whom will the results and conclusions affect? What recommendations were made at the conclusion?6. Overall AssessmentWhat is your overall assessment of the study and the article? Was the article fluent and easy to read? Can the information be used in a practical way? Is there anything you are concerned about in the article? (What about APA formatting?)

Business Property and Antitrust Law

I already placed an order for this topic but I am resubmitting it along with additional instructions. It is very important that this be done as the procedures and additional instructions state.Thank you!In this assignment you will prepare an analysis on how decision-making and operations at Microsoft Corporation are impacted by Business Property and Antitrust Law.Procedure1. Prepare your your analysis that focuses on:? What you learned about the law as it relates to preventing anticompetitive measures? Examples that help demonstrate the concepts? Advice you would give to business managers about how to prevent anticompetitive behavior based upon your knowledge of that topic? Supply references that can be accessed via internetWE ARE A LEADING RESEARCH FIRM OFFERING AFFORDABLE RESEARCH SERVICES TO STUDENTS ON ALL SUBJECTS. ORDER NOW AND GET YOUR PAPER IN AS LITTLE AS 3 HOURS!!Category: Law

1) Post two definitions of nat

1) Post two definitions of nationalism from two different sources and write about how well the U.S.A. fitsthose definitions.2) Also, write about how compatible this concept is with a Muslim?s belief in Islam.!