Social Housing in Sydney (Australia)

Social Housing in Sydney (Australia)The subject is ?Public Housing Safety Action Plan?. This proposal is to conduct research on perceptions by residents in the City of Sydney LGA of the safety issues in their neighbourhood and the actions currently being taken and needing to be taken by the City of Sydney Council to improve safety.The study will involve a survey of City of Sydney residents in and around social housing sites and interviews with residents who have reported safety concerns.A guideline for the proposal:1) Letter of transmission: letter to ?City of Sydney Safe City?2) Table of contents3) Executive summary: summary of the proposal in about 500 words maximum.4) Introduction: Sets out the problem and its origins and the significance of the study5) Research aims and questions: Develop the aims and the more detailed research questions6) Background: Include here the literature review (this task involves identifying and reviewing research that has already been done in your chosen area. It should provide the background or context of the research you are undertaking)7) Methodology: Develop your methodology and show how you are answering the research questions. Remember this is a mixed methods study. The two methods being mixed are a survey and a multiple case study.The research design we are using in this study is a mixed method design. The methods being mixed are a survey and multiple case studies. The survey is the questionnaire being administered to a convenience sample of around 400 residents (at least 80% public housing) of the City of Sydney. Note that the sampling is not random.The case studies are those participants in the survey or from other sources who have expressed concerns about safety. There will be around 40 cases in the case study.The mixed method design is a parallel design as both methods are being implemented at the same time.SURVEY: The survey will consist of the administration of a face-to-face questionnaire to approximately 400 residents. The draft questionnaire is attached.The sampling frame is set out in the tables below. In order to obtain a reasonably representative sample from the various areas that make up the City of Sydney LGA with a focus on the social housing sites the LGA was divided into the areas set out in Table 1.In this table the number of social housing tenancies are shown along with the number of questionnaires that need to be administered in these areas to ensure proportionate representation of these tenancies.These areas were then divided into ten groups of roughly equal size for the purpose of data collection by ten pairs of students. This is shown in Table 2. Pairs of students will collect data from one of the areas shown in Table 2. The participants will be approached either at community meetings, by arrangement with the concierge of an apartment block where appropriate, or by approaching residents in or near their homes.Data will be collected in the first three weeks of September 2013.8) Conclusion: Here you will Discuss (check for the help you need) expected outcomes and their significance for the City of Sydney!