Which are the advantages and disadvantages that children with Autism have in Special School?

Topic:Which are the advantages and disadvantages that children with Autism have in Special School?Order Instructions:so the assignment must be a single continuous document: proposal, letter and DCM sample all in one. The word limit is 1500 words. That includes every word in the document so don?t ask further details! Last year we had a number of A grade and B grade assignments that used only 1200 words, so keep the key elements in, and cut out any waffle. The only references you need are the three key texts. These should be journal articles that report on research relevant to your topic, with abstracts, methods and findings sections. The safest way of finding appropriate texts for this is to ask a librarian or to search using SWETSWISE. They should not be weird internet pages, government policies or books or chapters from books. If you are in doubt you ought to have checked with your tutor in tutorials or lessons by now. Again, it is not something you should be emailing about at this stage. The proposal should show you have a worthwhile idea, clearly expressed, and a plan for carrying it out. The main areas people gain or lose marks are in DCM, validity and ethics, so use most words there. You will gain marks for showing how you understand theory (eg Data Collection Methods) can be applied in practice (the actual use of semi-structured interviews in your specific project) Your example of questions for questionnaires or interviews, card sortitemsor observation schedules ought only to be around tenitemsand align with the key ideas in your proposal. Your letter to a gatekeeper must be succinct, polite and clear, and should provide for a response. Busy people like Head-teachers want key info on how much hassle they are letting themselves in for, not your CV. That means the best letters express what is relevant about the project to them, and give confidence of minimum disruption to the setting while supporting a worthwhile project.Miscellaneous:File(s):5ED002_Project_proposal_form_blank_trial.docx (Order Files)S_HOW_WE_SHOULD_BE_DO_THE_FORM_FOR_PROPOSAL.docx (Order Files)Research_Methods_yearlong_assignment_advice.docx (Order Files)INFORMATIONS_FOR_MY_PROPOSAL_-_NOTES.docx (Order Files)Module_Guide_for_Research_Methods_5ED002.docx (Order Files)Validity_2012_1.ppt (Order Files)Validity_2012_pt_2.ppt (Order Files)DCM_Intro_and_Interviewing.pptx (Order Files)Introduction.pptx (Order Files)Access_and_ethics.ppt (Order Files)Ethics_article.pdf (Order Files)my proposal is 1500 words : NO MORE is fail.In this assignment you will complete a research project proposal form and include two appendices: a draft letter seeking permission from a research domain ?gatekeeper?, and a specimen page of a data collection instrument. ALL TOGETHER IS 1500 WORDS.11 attachments?Download all attachments5ED002_Project_proposal_form_blank_trial.docx15KViewDownloadS_HOW_WE_SHOULD_BE_DO_THE_FORM_FOR_PROPOSAL.docx16KViewDownloadResearch_Methods_yearlong_assignment_advice.docx15KViewDownloadINFORMATIONS_FOR_MY_PROPOSAL_-_NOTES.docx16KViewDownloadModule_Guide_for_Research_Methods_5ED002.docx21KViewDownloadValidity_2012_1(1).ppt311KViewDownloadValidity_2012_pt_2.ppt280KViewDownloadDCM_Intro_and_Interviewing.pptx2198KViewDownloadIntroduction(1).pptx76KViewDownloadAccess_and_ethics.ppt278KViewDownloadEthics_article.pdf148KViewDownloadCategory: Education