Whole Food Market

ABC Company and Whole Foods Market have decided they want to do an Organizational Diagnosis to determine howvarious aspects of Whole Foods Market are aligned such as inputs, resources, productivity, throughputeffort, outputs, performance, strategy, etc. They want to know if there are any significant issues at WholeFoods Market and how these issues might affect its integration into ABC Company.REQUIRED READING:Download and read this white paper by Falletta about OD models. Salvatore Falletta, President and CEO ofLeadersphere, has written a white paper that reviews several commonly used models of organizationaldiagnosis. We will be using several of these models in conducting your integrative Case project. Therelevant part of this paper in terms of this class is the first 31 pages. The last part of the paper (pp.32-43) deals with the theoretical foundations of the Burke & Litwin model, Falletta?s OrganizationalIntelligence Model, and reading that is optional. We are not covering Falletta?s Organizational IntelligenceModel.Falletta, S.V. (2005) Organizational Diagnostic Models: A Review and Synthesis. Retrieved 6/6/12 fromhttp://www.leadersphere.com/img/OrgmodelsR2009.pdfFalletta provides an overview of Open Systems Theory (OST) in his paper (pp. 8 & 9). Keep in mind thatOST is not an OD model, but rather is a basis for most of the later models. For a deeper understanding, goto the following optional reading and read about systems, systems thinking, and organizations as opensystems. You will see that businesses are not unlike living organisms. They depend on the environment forsustenance. They are comprised of multiple, mutually dependent parts. And they affect the environment in thecourse of their daily activities. Open systems theory provides valuable insights into organizations.Optional Reading: National Defense University, Systems Thinking and Learning Organizations, Retrieved 6/6/12from http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/ndu/strat-ldr-dm/pt1ch4.htmlReview Case Analysis since it is so important in this final course. The purpose of a Case is to show thatyou have thought critically about the subject matter that you are learning AND to make an argument for aClaim about the specific situation in the Case assignment. Stephen Toulmin has developed an ArgumentMethodology that is very useful in Making a Case. To review Case Analysis and Toulmin?s ArgumentMethodology, go to Making a Case page.CASE 2 ASSIGNMENT:There is some disagreement in the Executive ranks as to which OD method or model should be used. Someexecutives have familiarity with a couple of models, but it seems to be only based on what they have read orheard about. So you need to explore some models and determine their strengths and weaknesses. And ultimatelyyou need to recommend which one is best for using at Whole Foods Market. As part of making thatdetermination, you will also need to identify several critical issues facing Whole Foods Market.The executives want you to include the 7S model, the Congruence Model, and the Burke-Litwin Model in youranalysis. And I want you to pick three or four more models to include as well ? so we have a well-roundedgroup of OD models.Prepare a report in which you include the following:For each of the models you are analyzing (six or seven), a brief overview of what the model does.Clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each model.Identify and Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) two or three issues that Whole Foods Market is facing.Determine which model you think is the best model to use.Make a recommendation as to which model should be used, I expect you to Make a Strong Case. Explain why your selection would be the best choice. Explain how the recommended model can be used to help diagnose the issues you have identified.